AI Picture Gallery #105

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] a beautiful elf in armor and an orc in armor laughing while playing cards, lord of the rings style, promotional poster, epic, wilderness, photorealistic,studio lighting,reflections,dynamic pose,cinematography,color gradation,photo,shot with 50mm lens,ultrawide,depth of field,hyperdetailed,beautiful color,crazy detail, complex detail, beautiful Color Grading, Unreal Engine, Cinematic, Color Grading, Editorial Photography, Photography, Photography, 24mm Lens Photography, Depth of Field, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed ​​1/1000, F/22, White Balance, 32k, Super Resolution, Megapixel, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Lonely, Good, Massive, Translucent, Backlight, Natural Lighting, Incandescent, Fiber Optics, Mood Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Soft Lighting, Volumetric, Contre-Jour, Beautiful Lighting, Accent Lighting , global lighting, global screen space lighting, global lighting Ray Tracing, Optics, Diffusion, Radiant, Shadows, Coarse, Shimmer, Ray Tracing Reflect ions, Lumen R Reflections, Space Reflection on Giant t Noise, Fractional Difference, Chromatic Aberration, GB Shift, Scan Lines, Ray Tracing, Ambient Ray Tracing Occlusion, Anti-Aliasing, Post Processing, Post Production, Tone Mapping, Insanely Detailed and refined, hyper maximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, Dynamic pose, photography, octane rendering, Unreal Engine 5