AI Picture Gallery #105

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] the skies over london on fire with humans laying on the ground asleep. depth of field, hyper detail, beautiful color coding, insane details, intricate details, beautiful color grading, Unreal Engine, cinematography, color grading, editorial photography, photography, photo shoot, shot with 70mm lens, depth of field, DOF, tilt blur, shutter speed 1 /1000, f/22, white balance, 32k, ultra high definition, megapixels, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Lonely, Good, Massive, Halfreear Light, Backlight, Natural Light, Incandescent, Optical fiber, Moody Light, Cinematic Light, Studio Light , Soft Light, Volumetric, Contre-Jour, Beautiful Light, Accent Light, General Light, Screen Space General Light, Ray Traced Global Illumin ation, Optics, Scattering, Glow, Shado ws, Rough, Flicker, Ray Traced Reflections, Lumen Reflections, Screen Space Reflections, Diffraction Estimation, Chromatic Aberration, GB Offset, Sweep Lines, Ray Tracing, Ray Traced Ambient Light Occlusion, Anti-Aliasing, FKAA, TXAA, RTX, SSAO, Shaders, OpenGL Shaders, GLSL Shaders, Post Processing, Post Processing, Cel Shading, Tone Mapping, CGI, Visual Effects, Sound Effects, Hyper Max, Elegant, Hyper Realistic, Hyper Detail, Dynamic Pose, Photography, 16k